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Selling Your Home

We at Bill Sill Realtors are dedicated to getting you the most money possible for your home. We would not want to leave money on the table if we were selling our own homes and we don't expect you to either. But since you are interested in selling a home in austin, we need to understand the current market for the homes in your area and price it according to what the market is willing to pay. It is very important to note that the #1 Reason For A Home Not Selling is Price. This is often due to a realtor convincing a seller that their home is worth more than the market average in order to win the listing, only to later convince the seller to lower the price. What ends up happening in this situation is that the listing becomes stale as it sits on the market because it is overpriced and potential buyers either assume something is wrong with the home or make low-ball offers with hopes that the seller is desperate. In the end, if your home is not priced right initially, you most likely will not get its true value when you finally sell your home.

We believe it is in our clients' best interest for them to completely understand the true value of their home from the beginning. That means that your home is worth what the market is willing to pay, based on an in depth comparative market analysis. With that said, we have good news... We are currently in a seller's market, so that means you should get a very favorable price for your home. That doesn't mean we should increase the list price of your home by 20% when compared to the highest "just sold" house in your neighborhood because you have granite countertops. But it does mean that we should be able to sell your house within 90 days if it is listed at the "correct price", and the "correct price" is the highest price the market is willing to pay.

Once you enter into an agreement that Bill Sill Realtors will represent you as your listing agent, we will immediately begin to evaluate and market your home for showings. Our many years experience as an Austin Realtor has helped us create the following 10 pt Marketing System:

  1. A complete walk through with all of our agents in order to evaluate what can be done to better your home for showings. Most homes need minor fixes or services to better them for show and we've partnered with some of the best home improvement services in Austin. If needed, we can set up a professional home stager and landscape architect to better your home's appearance.
  2. We will put pictures and a full description of your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This allows other realtors in Austin to find your home based on their search criteria.
  3. A "For Sale" Sign and lock box on your home. The lock box allows realtors to show your home to potential buyers if you are not home and it also notifies us electronically if there has been a showing, so we can gather feedback for you.
  4. We will set up a property tour, which consists of 5-10 outside agents that will preview your home for their potential clients and also provide you with feedback as to what ccan be done to improve your showings.
  5. Color flyers provide a description of your home and its wonderful features including 5 photos that will be placed in a "Take One" box, to be located in front of your home.
  6. We pay for a professional to take pictures and a virtual tour of your home. We then upload these to our web-site under our featured listings page, as well as within our Austin Home Search Service (MLS inclusive).
  7. A paid account on-line with a home feedback system that will allow you to track feedback given by realtors representing potential buyers that have viewed your home.
  8. A paid advertisement on REALTOR.COM at consists of pictures, a full description of your home and a virtual tour. This is a nationally recognized web-site that allows buyers to search available Austin Real Estate listings from the convenience of their own home. It draws millions of users on a daily basis. The typical home in Austin can expect to have their home viewed on REALTOR.COM about 10-15 times a day.
  9. A paid advertisement in our Southwest Spotlight Newsletter that is distributed to roughly 5,000 homes every 6 weeks.
  10. Paid advertisements throughout the Greater Austin Area in order to attract buyers to our featured listings. You may see our signs at your local high school, restaurant, gym, or hike and bike trail.

As you can see, we at Bill Sill Realtors exceed the normal benefits of using a realtor, and provide a lot more than just putting your home in the MLS. We have a dedicated marketing budget to make sure that if someone is searching for your home, they'll find it...and when they do, your Bill Sill Realtor will close the deal.

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