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Austin Home Buying can have its own challenges and excitement. Whether you're a first time buyer or building a custom home, buying a home in Austin is one of the biggest financial decisions of your life - so it pays to take the proper precautions to insure that you limit your risk, and are able to find the home of your dreams. With that understood, it is even more important for you to realize that just because a mortgage company qualifies you for a loan that doesn't actually mean you can afford it. There is a dramatic difference between owning a home and a home owning you. That is why we at Bill Sill Realtors feel that the 1st Step in the home buying process is for you to have all your financial information in order and decide how much of a monthly payment you are able to afford. Far too many people begin the process with looking for a home only to fall in love with a house that they later realize they can't afford. We do not want that to happen to you. Building your future and making you happy is good business, and that is our goal.

The 2nd Step in the process is to choose a lender and either sit down with them for a consultation or fill out an application on-line or over the phone. There are several different mortgage options available nowadays and it is important that you fully understand them all. This isn't a one size fits all decision. We have an onsite mortgage broker, in Stratus Mortgage, that can thoroughly go over all of the financing options available to you.

Once you have decided how much of a monthly payment you can afford, and are pre-qualified for a mortgage, the 3rd step in the process is to determine your home search criteria. If you have a family with children, like me, then schools and community life are very important. If you are a single business professional then maybe ease of access to a social network is at the top of your list. Either way, the more time you are able to put into identifying what is really important to you from a home/neighborhood standpoint, the better you will be able describe your ideal home to your real estate agent. Our realtors are experts in the Greater Austin Area and will be able to provide you with a list of homes that fit your criteria immediately after you identify your preferences.

The next or 4th step in the process, is to choose an agent. There aren't any laws that state you must have an agent represent you, and you may feel more comfortable working alone, but as a professional in the industry we would highly recommend using a real estate agent (if not us - please choose another). The real estate laws regarding contracts and procedures are far more complicated nowadays than ever before and it is extremely easy to put you and your family at risk. We have 13 years of experience in this arena and have been ranked among the top 10 real estate teams in Austin for the past 2 years. We will find you your dream home and negotiate your contract to your satisfaction. That is what we do.

The 5th step in the process is when all the fun begins. Let's go look at homes that fit your needs. We can either introduce you to some excellent Custom Home Builders or we can help you find an existing home. We will run a search all existing and new homes in Austin TX based on your criteria and/or provide you access browse Austin homes for sale on you own. Our website offers a personal Austin Home Search client that allows you to save searches based on your criteria, and then be notified when a new home becomes available for sale. Either way, if you are searching on your own or with our assistance, we'll find a home that fits your needs -- and arrange an appointment to view that property.

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