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We Want to Create Your Custom Home Plans - ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Building Your Dream Home can be a very exciting yet extremely stressful experience. The first step in the process, after financial qualification and selecting a lot, is to get your vision down on paper. Austin Custom Homes are known for their attention to detail and their unique Austin style. So, if you are not careful, you can spend several hours and tens of thousands of dollars working with an architect who will draw up your home plans at $3-$5 a square foot, only to realize that your vision isn't feasible from a structural or financial standpoint... At this point you can owe $20-$30k for a set of blue prints that are absolutely worthless to you...

Here is what Bill Sill Realtors can do for you...

We have established a partnership with one of the best Austin Custom Home Builders to provide you with a set of Conceptual Plans, absolutely Free for qualified buyers. Here is how the process works:

We will set up a meeting, with you, our architect, and our partnering custom home builders in Austin to work together and mark up the dozens of existing plans that they currently have in their portfolio. This will give you an idea of their style and what types of homes they have built in the past and also allow you to express your vision square foot by square foot.

Our architect will then take the marked up plans and incorporate your vision onto a first draft of official blue prints for Your Custom Dream Home.

Upon completion of the first draft, we will all then reconvene and review the blue prints together, incorporating any changes that you feel necessary.

Our architect will then go off and DO A SECOND REVISION TO YOUR PLANS, ABSOLUTELY FREE.

If after reviewing the second set of plans you realize that you are not able to move forward with Bill Sill Realtors and our partners, for whatever reason, you are free to terminate the relationship - no questions asked, without experiencing the financial burden of paying $25k for plans that won't work.

We are able to offer Free Conceptual Plans because we are confident that we will be able to provide you with a completely satisfying Luxury Home Building Experience - from vision to closing.

Please fill out our contact us form or reach us by email or by phone at (512) 371-0000, and reference promotional code: 12117BC. Upon providing us with documentation that you are qualified to build a $800k or above home, we will arrange a meeting with our architect and custom home builder.

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