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Relocating to Austin - Austin Leisure and Recreation

Spend a day in Austin and you can understand why Fortune Magazine once ranked it as the "Coolest City in America". Stay a week, and you'll realize why so many Austinites claim, "I would never want to live anywhere else." Austin truly is the best place to live in Texas

Austin has the warmth and charm of a small town, yet the vibrancy and sophistication of a major cosmopolitan. It is a city that is so unique, so different from the average metropolis, that it's "Keep Austin Weird" campaign is embraced by natives and tourists alike.

In Austin Leisure and Recreation is abundant. People love the breathtaking Hill Country, with its gentle rolling slopes and beautiful vistas, as well as the lakes, creeks, and swimming holes that offer a refreshing escape from the daily grind. But there is more substance to Austin than just its geography. It is well known for its culture, laid back lifestyle and artistic festivals that attract millions of tourists and professionals to the city each year. Remember that Austin is the "The Live Music Capital of the World", with more than 120 live venues; you can catch a show seven nights a week. And if a nice meal is more your style - Austin has more fine restaurants and clubs per capita than any other city in the nation. The city's restaurants feature everything from down-home Texas barbecue to the most elegant continental cuisine.

Sometimes referred to as the "Silicon Hills of the Southwest", or "The Sister to Silicon Valley", Austin is one of the most high-tech cities in the world. Dell, Freescale, Samsung, Texas Instruments, IBM, Advanced Micro Devices, and 3M, all have established substantial operations in the Austin Metropolitan Area. These employers, combined with young technology, have been responsible for naming Austin as one of "seven locations that are perfect for young professionals". Roughly 45 percent of the Austin Population holds a college degree, making it once of the most educated communities in the country, and it is now considered as "one of the focal points of the high-tech sector", not only in the United States, but in the world.

Located in Central Texas, Austin is also an ideal location for those looking to experience the rest of Texas, either for work or for pleasure. With ease of access to state highways, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio are all within 4.5 hours from the Capital of Texas, while smaller towns such as Waco and Fredericksburg are perfect weekend getaways - only an hour away.

The reasons why so many people are relocating to Austin are obvious, but trying to choose which neighborhood in the Greater Austin Area suits you and your families needs can be a difficult decision. Whether you are looking for a good school and safe home to raise a family (Austin is the 3rd safest city in the country according to the 2005 crime statistics) or a loft in the middle of Downtown Austin to compliment your social life, we at Bill Sill Realtors know it all and can help you find your home. Please see below to familiarize yourself with the neighborhoods and the homes available in the Greater Austin Area.